Teambuilding days


If you are looking for a way to quickly energise and inspire a team, then a Workplace Choir may be just the thing.  Finding new ways to re-energise your team can be difficult.  Singing together in a choir is one of the quickest and most effective ways of creating real connections within a group of people.


Teambuilding with lasting effects


Our one day or half-day workshops instantly bring fun, laughter, harmony and creativity to the teams we work with.  In 3 hours, the team will be tasked with learning one or more songs and performing them in public to an audience.  No previous singing experience is required, and the results usually astound all involved.

What we do

We organise and run choirs in your workplace. 


Singing has multiple benefits including increasing communication between people within a team, breaking down barriers between departments and relieving tension in stressful roles.

Our 12-week concert programme


Singing in a choir brings people together.  Our 12-week concert programme takes the choir through 10 rehearsals, provides singers with online listening and support resources, and builds to an exciting performance whether at an annual conference, office party or other event.


Bringing people together


There are many benefits that come from work colleagues singing together. But the most striking and long-lasting are the increased levels of confidence felt by singers,  improved communication between them and a general increase in wellbeing.  These effects are felt long after the choir has finished its programme and often lead to singers joining other choirs or seeking other ways to continue with their new and uplifiting skill.

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What our clients say about us

"So - from a team perspective it was just brilliant.


People who knew of each other, but didn’t know each other, gradually began to relax in each other's company and that was very important"


Heather Caswell - HR Manager

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Did you know?

Choral singing releases serotonin, a neurotransmitter in the brain associated with feelings of euphoria and contentment.