Here you'll find the resources and info you need for this exciting Virtual Choir Video!

More detailed instructions for setting up your phone for recording are below, so read those before filming.

The final video submission deadline is TBC any attempted submissions after this cant be included as we cannot extend this deadline.

Practice Mp3s

PDFs.                       Sheet Music                                                                        Guide to Filming


(Click to download)

Instructions for filming/recording

Step 1. Read the filming instructions above.

Step 2. Have a bit of a practice!   Sing along with YOUR mp3 and make sure there aren't any bits you feel unsure of. If there are, just focus on those - a few bars at a time. That way you'll feel super confident! I can fix the odd out of tune note - or even a duff one! But I can't do anything about confidence in your voice and delivery.


Step 3. Go for it! Make the film. Enjoy! And SMILE lots even if it's fake smiling!

You will need your phone set up to film you, plus the mp3 on a different device with headphones/earbuds plugged in.

Step 4.  Upload your videos here or send a link, or use WeTransfer  to

Please put your name in the file name if you can.  You may need to get the videos off your phone and onto your computer before uploading them.

Any questions just leave a message below