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TUI UK & Eire

What they needed?

TUI wanted to set up a choir to perform at its annual Christmas company event. The idea was championed by the Head of Engagement to bring a sense of fun and enjoyment to the working day.

TUI has a large HQ, and needed a fun and inspiring way to integrate people from different teams and improve communication. 

The Choir:

The taster session was a huge success and 35 singers took up the chance to be a part. Over the 12 weeks, they worked closely together to learn and rehearse four songs in four-part harmony. Many said rehearsals were the highlight of their working week. 

They wowed 500 colleagues (and themselves!) with an impressive stage performance at the company’s annual Christmas get together.

The Outcomes:

They enjoyed their performance so much they felt elated afterwards, and couldn’t stop smiling. They took enormous pride in their achievements and felt that in a short time they had become “one team” with a group of people they had previously barely spoken to.

The singers had high praise for their experience, with one employee saying it had “fulfilled my expectations 10 fold”

The positive impact of the choir reached far beyond those who sang in it. TUI’s Head of Engagement Lydia Hatley said:


“The feeling that has proliferated throughout the business as the choir has been rehearsing has just been incredible.”

Since then the choir has recorded a charity single, and performed at multiple internal and external events.

The Travel Network 

What they needed:

The Travel Network wanted a team building event for a large group of employees, doing something that would take them out of their comfort zones. They were keen to include a competitive element, but most of all, it had to be fun. Our half-day workshop fit the bill. 

The Choir:

The group was split into two teams and each had two hours to learn a song in four part harmony. We then took them to the local theatre where they went head to head in an exciting sing off. 


They were judged by our professional conductor who gave constructive feedback before announcing the winner. 


The Outcomes:

The experience exceeded all expectations, with the company executive saying: 


“The feedback on the day has been fabulous! Prior to the event, the Management Team were all a little bit apprehensive about the response that the activity would receive, and all staff who had heard about the plan on the rumour mill were equally as cautious! However, the enthusiasm shown by Ruairi and Seb, carried us all along and we were soon into the swing of things.


We felt that the day met the key ingredients we have always tried to find in our company days:


1. Fun, inspiring and memorable

2. Different

3. Challenged us as individuals

4. Team emphasis


I personally really liked the fact that singing equalises everyone – no matter what your role in the company, there are very few people who are confident singers.”

Isover Saint-Gobain

What they needed?

The Isover wanted a short workshop which would help staff communicate internally, improve their confidence and problem solving abilities with quick thinking exercises and, of course, have fun. 

The Choir:

We arranged Queen's Classic ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ for a mainly male choir incorporating a celebratory rap written by the company's marketing manager.


To add a competitive element we spilt the group in two and had them practice the number with two choir leaders.  When they came back together our ‘panel of judges’ decided on the winner. 


We also tailored the event in keeping with the conference theme ‘The Sounds of the Future’.

The Outcomes:

The day was a "rip-roaring success" with the group really loosening up by the end of the day, stepping out of their comfort zone which culminated in an energetic performance complete with air guitar competition, inflatable props and prizes.

It was a truly unforgettable experience enjoyed by all participants.

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