Our Passion

Quite simply we believe singing together is one of the most positive activities human beings can engage in. It works on so many levels and taps into our deepest psyche to quite literally transform lives. But how?

Increase confidence


Singing on your own can be terrifying, but singing together and making a great sound increases confidence across the board.

Improve communication


Singing is as much about listening as speaking. Working with colleagues to create a great sound involves breaking through communication barriers.

Boost health & well-being


Singing requires deep, controlled breathing which has a yoga like effect.  The social support and cooperation all contribute to a higher sense of well-being.

Develop sense of loyalty


Teams are strengthened when challenges are met and resolved together.  In a choir, you have to trust each other to succeed.

Gain sense of achievement


Singing in a choir involves going outside your comfort zone.  This is a key part of the journey both for the individual and the group, as they overcome challenges on their way to performance day.

As Gareth Malone said in a recent episode of the BBC's The Choir, 'Singing brings people together spiritually, socially… it's vital'.