Measurable Outcomes

Here at The Workplace Choir Company we are able to provide you with quantifiable statistics drawn from participant surveys taken in session to show you exactly what your company benefits will be when signing up for one of our programmes.  


Check out our info-graphic and see testimonials from our clients below to learn more.

Statiscal Graph showing Feedback from Workplace Choir Programmes



LB Law:

"[I had] more confidence to stand up and be counted!"

"Wonderful, dedicated, knowledgeable, talented people, delivering a fabulous service and always with a smile."

"It's really valuable spending time together outside of strictly professional constraints... it is something I wish to continue to do."


"[It] gave me confidence that I can take on new challenges that are out of my comfort zone."

"I felt the buzz after rehearsals and felt lifted for the rest of the day."

"A wonderful experience and very well managed!"

RSM Accountants:

"I feel much more a part of the whole now not just our teams."

"There was an amazing sense of pride not just from from within the choir, but for those in the firm"

"I really value the choir - in particular the teamwork, confidence and fun derived from it."