12 week Concert Programme


A 12-week workplace choir programme which includes an initial get-together, 10 weekly lunchtime rehearsals and a performance in front of friends and colleagues.  Our programme is a similar format to Gareth Malone's Sing While You Work on BBC2.

This 2014 video follows the TUI UK&I Choir from initial taster sessions through to Christmas performance, and interviews choir members and management at the company's HQ in Luton.

Listen to a BBC interview with one of our choirs:

The London Taxi Company's 'Black Cab Choir' rehearsed for 12 weeks and then performed in front of 500 friends, family and colleagues at their 'Family Away Day'. They performed three songs.  Listen to them sing and hear choir member's reactions.

The 12 week concert programme takes a group of colleagues and turns them into a choir.  Over 12 weeks we will rehearse once a week for an hour, perhaps at lunchtime or immediately after work, culminating in a performance in front of friends and colleagues. It is a fantastic way to end your conference, a dynamic addition to an office party or simply an occasion in itself.


Do you need to have singing experience?

Absolutely not.  The majority of singers we have worked with have had no previous singing experience... but they are often surprised by what a great sound they produce!



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The Black Cab Choir Performance
The Black Cab Choir Performance
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What does the programme include?

We will create a programme tailored to your business.  We will meet with you to discuss how to maximise the benefits of a workplace choir for your organisation, including how to integrate the performance into your conference or event.  We will choose (and if necessary arrange) songs to get the best experience for singers. We often choose songs that have a connection with your business, so a company in the automotive industry might sing the The Beatles' Drive my Car while a charity might sing You'll Never Walk Alone or for a light-hearted approach to a fund-raising event what about Money, Money, Money!


Help with recruiting singers:

We do this by having a fun taster workshop open to all. People can find out more and 'have a go' without having to commit. At the end of the session people are invited to sign up as members of your new choir.  We usually find the sign-up rate is over 75%.


12 weeks of rehearsals:

We will rehearse and support singers over ten weeks through weekly rehearsals at lunchtime or straight after work. Rehearsals are fun and engaging for the singers - an opportunity for them to meet new colleagues and relax in each other's company no matter what their role is in the organisation.


Online support: We provide downloadable practice music custom-made for each part in the choir. These can be added to your mp3 player or smartphone.  We also have a forum dedicated to your choir. The forum allows singers to share with each other and raise any questions they have with their choir leader.


Creating a performance:

The concert programme wouldn't be complete without a performance to show off the results of all the hard work.  We can provide technical and creative support to make sure the performance is a huge success, including PA and/or lighting equipment. We can even theme the event with support from our resident Theatre Director and Stage Designers. If you do not require technical services we can liaise with your own or external AV technical staff to integrate the performance smoothly into your event.  We are also able to record and film the performance professionally to provide a lasting legacy whether it's for YouTube or internal company use.


A long-lasting positive effect
At the end of the programme, we will debrief you and the singers on what was learned during our time together, identify positive changes that have been made within the group and signpost further opportunities to maximise long-term benefits to your organisation.

We can even help with conductor training and support for appropriate members of your organisation who would like to lead a choir on an ongoing basis.


How much does a 12-week concert programme cost?

We have programmes to suit all budgets from a small family business to large corporations.  Call us now on 0247 722 0159 to find out which programme would be best for you.

What our clients say about us

"I would absolutely recommend working with the Workplace Choir Company, they are a joy to work with and will deliver to a really high standard with great flexibility and huge amounts of passion"

Lydia Hatley - Head of Engagement, Leadership development and Internal Communications TUI UK&I

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Did you know?

Singing increases lung capacity, it improves posture, boosts the immune system, and can increase mental alertness through greater oxygenation.